Mystic Traces

Preorder my new album, Mystic Traces, now! Limited-edition, signed, colored vinyl and CDs are available.

Release date is 5/15/20- out on Blue Rose Music. The artwork was created by Evan apRoberts. I described a dream I had to him and he created this wonderful image. The album was recorded in Ojai, CA by Scott Hirsch at Echo Magic. […]


Green Leaf Rustlers – From Within Marin

Green Leaf Rustlers’ debut album is a 2-LP live collection with gorgeous gatefold vinyl packaging entitled, ‘From Within Marin.’ Comprised by Chris Robinson, Barry Sless, Greg Loiacono, Pete Sears and John Molo, the cosmic country quintet have become a staple of the live music scene in and around Marin County, California, celebrated for their re-imagining […]


New Song – Animal Clouds

My new single  “Animal Clouds” is out today. The track features Erin Johnson Sidney BW James Mikael Erik Jorgensen and Kaisle Krisp. Scott Hirsch produced and mixed it at Echo Magic in Ojai, CA. This link will take you to magical places of digital consumerism and streamism. Please gorge yourself on this song. May it […]


Glide Magazine – “Close Your Eyes (We’ll Be There Soon)”

On the very eve of his band The Mother Hips’ annual Hipnic Festival (co-presented with FolkYeah Presents, this is year eleven for those keeping count), Greg Loiacono has released a video for his new single, “Close Your Eyes (We’ll Be There Soon).” The song is in keeping with his last single release in its dream-like mood […]

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