Check out my new single, “Child’s Song” out now on Blue Rose Music. A bit about the track:

My friend, Joe, sent me the Tom Rush version of “Child’s Song” last Fall in the midst of helping my son apply to colleges. He said he’d like to hear my take on the tune and dared me to keep my eyes dry due to the particularly relevant content.

I asked Tim (Bluhm) if he would record me singing and playing the song. Once we were done we sent it to Joe for his enjoyment. He decided to release it for Father’s Day because of its insightful expression of family love and the emotions that come with a child embarking on their own journey.

The song was recorded and mixed by Tim Bluhm at his home in Fairfax, Ca. The art was created by Carolina Loiacono.

So, here is my take on Murray McLaughclan’s “Child’s Song”. Hope you enjoy.

All proceeds for this song will go directly to The Blue Rose Foundation that provides preschool scholarships to children from economically disadvantaged families.